Dangal Games will be launching a fantasy gaming app, Fantasy Dangal, after raising USD one million in funding. It currently offers poker and rummy.

Dangal Games, an Indian online gaming platform is set to launch its fantasy gaming product FantasyDangal at the start of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 season.

The fantasy sports application will go live on April 9, which is also the commencement date for IPL 2021.

Before venturing into the fantasy sports sector, Dangal Games made a mark in the online card gaming market with two products, PokerDangal and RummyDangal.

“FantasyDangal is our first product outside the card game space so we are excited about how it does. We will begin with cricket and in the next quarter, we will add the rest of the games,” said Varun Mahna, founder and chief executive officer, Dangal Games.

Given the large user base of fantasy sports India which exceeds more than 100 million, the firm is confident of attracting new gamers.

“Unlike poker or rummy, fantasy sports caters to the masses so there is no dearth of opportunities to create a huge user base despite being an intensely competitive industry," claimed Mahna.

The fantasy gaming app will be offering promotions and bonuses in various sports and gaming segments to gratify the users with real money.

“Keeping the users first has always been the top-most priority,” he stressed.

Founded by Mahna, Varun Puri, Shashwat Jain, Karan Gandhi and Manan Sobti, Dangal Games recently raised USD one million in Series A funding, courtesy of a strategic investor.

It intends to use the funding to diversify the product portfolio and further expand its business to exclusive products and, gradually, become the leading player in the skill-based online gaming sector.

“We are aiming to reach the one million user base on FantasyDangal within a six months period and five million users across all the three platforms in the next 12 months,“ said Mahna.

Currently, it claims to have more than half a million users through the poker and rummy offerings.