There are plenty out there to tell you what to do. But what should be avoided? Follow these tips if you want to be better at fantasy gaming.

Five things you must not do in fantasy gaming

There is no universal formula for winning in fantasy gaming. Predicting outcomes in sports is not an exact science and it takes effort, intuition, and a little bit of luck to crack to code and build a successful team.

However, there are a few set rules to follow in fantasy gaming. Here’s what you should absolutely not be doing.


  • DON’T skip team news

The most rookie error in fantasy gaming is picking players that are either injured or not part of the team at all due to unmitigated circumstances. It is key to follow team updates, the manager and coach’s press conference or general team news that is easily available online. 


  • DON’T pick your team too early

This goes hand-in-hand with the first don’t. The deadline to pick your is as close as an hour before the start of the game. To ensure you do not field a player that’s not available or pick another player that is likely to start, it is essential to pick the team as close to the deadline as possible. However, too close could be playing with fire and you could miss out on the deadline altogether. The safest thing to do is to pick your team a good three to four hours before the deadline.


  • DON’T copy your team 

There are a handful of must-haves players for your fantasy team and it’s obviously crucial to have them in your side, but it is ill-advised to copy someone’s else team entirely. The principle of fantasy gaming is to use your expertise and research to give you an edge. There is no fun in simply copying another player’s team as you would just pick up the same number of points that player does. And you won’t be any wiser either. So, learn the nuances.


  • DON’T rely on one source of information

Data analytics in sports are an entire universe. While the numbers are uniform, the perspective varies from person-to-person. It is key to avoid having tunnel-vision and relying on just one perspective for your fantasy team. Reading different sources, following a variety of experts and then reaching your own conclusion rather than one that was fed to you is the best possible way to go about picking your roster.


  • DON’T fear experiments 

The big winners in fantasy gaming are those that are willing to take big risks. Sports, by its nature, is unpredictable and hence, taking a calculated punt is essential to your success. Do not be scared to go against the norm and pick players that are undervalued or not popular in public perception. Bold bets might not often pay off but when they do, they will take care of all the ones that did not.