The Lineup Builder on Fantasy Gully helps users build and construct fantasy teams for many of India’s top fantasy gaming platforms. Our proprietary algorithms take various factors into consideration including past performance, recent form and many other sources of data and intelligence. All this to suggest teams that best fit the third party platform’s team building criteria.

Most games will offer five strategies including: Recommended XI, High Risk XI, Form Focus, Batting Focus and Bowling Focus. Fans can also personalise their teams by ‘locking players’ they would like to see IN or OUT of their 11. 

To aid the user through the lineup building process, Fantasy Gully also introduces breakthrough data points such as Performance Grade and X-Factor - both visually intuitive metrics that differentiate players on offer. In addition, players in form are also highlighted to offer users another meaningful visual cues.

Recommended XI: This is Fantasy Gully’s recommended XI, based on various factors and data points taken into consideration.

High Risk XI: This is where you can find players that may spring surprises on their day and fetch you additional points to take you to your maximum Kamai (earnings)

Form Focus: Here you’d be suggested players who are in red-hot-form and are looking to continue their streak!

Batting Focus: A batting heavy lineup that ensures, while the runs flow on the pitch, the points keep flowing in your Fantasy team.

Bowling Focus: A tight bowling unit focussed lineup that ensure wickets and maidens rain on pitch and points keep raining in your Fantasy Team.

To help you guide in making the best possible XI is our Performance Grade and X-Factor,

Performance Grade gives you a report card of the players while X-Factor indicates a player’s capability to swing the game in their favour on their day. The two parameters combined provide a holistic picture of a player to help make a better and informed decision. This is all based on real data points and an evolving algorithm.

Please note: Performance Grade and X-Factor are indicative metrics and do not guarantee any results on the players’ performance on the ground.